Refractory Concretes by MARS Refractarios y Crisoles

Refractory Concretes

Dense and Insulating Refractory Concretes by MARS Refractarios y Crisoles

The dense concrete line -Kaocrete, has been proven to be ideal for many applications that require resistance to corrosion, wear and reducing atmospheres.

Our Kaolite insulating concretes provide low thermal conductivity values and superior performance in petrochemical applications.

Concretes for special purposes such as Higun, Kao-Tab, offer specific properties with respect to conventional concretes.

Refractory Materials

Insulators (lightweight)
  • Concretes for uses from 800 to 1800° C
  • Bricks for uses from 1000 to 1800° C
  • Mineral Wool in the shape of a blanket, special pieces, blocks or boards.
Dense Concretes
  • Low alumina concretes
  • Medium alumina concretes
  • High alumina concretes
  • Special concretes