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Products by MARS Refractarios y Crisoles

As providers of insulating refractory materials for high temperatures, we have a great advantage over the industry. We can provide the most appropriate product or a tailored design according to your needs. We also have specialists for different industries, who can work with you in solving your insulating problems. These specialists are assisted by a large staff with a great deal of experience in insulation at high temperatures, who will assist you with the selection of products, system design and insulation techniques.

Ceramic Fiber Products by  MARS Refractarios y Crisoles

Kaowool Ceramic Fiber Products

Kaowool can be spun or blown into bulk, extended by air over blanket, folded into modules, vacuum formed, stamped into packages, twisted into yarn, braided into ropes, sewed into cloth and blended into liquid binders in mastics and cements, among others.

Refractory Bricks by MARS Refractarios y Crisoles

Refractory Bricks

Thermal Ceramics offers refractory bricks for heavy-duty jobs and insulating, lightweight refractory bricks. Both of them resist direct exposure to the high temperatures of a furnace. The refractory brick for heavy-duty jobs is available in four grades, including two special refractory compositions, which offer a great resistance against peeling and an exceptional load capacity. The insulating refractory brick offers low thermal conductivity and is available in nine different models, for applications of up to 1788ºC (3250ºF).

Ceramic Paper by MARS Refractarios y Crisoles

Ceramic Paper

The Thermal Ceramics SF 607 products represent a completely new line of bulk fiber, blankets, vacuum formed boards and shapes, paper, moldings and bended modules. Their chemical composition was specially designed to improve solubility and it does not moist due to the melted aluminum.

Ceramic Board by MARS Refractarios y Crisoles

Ceramic Board

Boards SW, M, S and HS

Rigid, self-sufficient ceramic fiber insulation. Available in a variety of sizes and widths. Lightweight fibers for various ranges of weight loads and multiple uses for fire-proof protection.

Ceramic Modules by MARS Refractarios y Crisoles

Ceramic Modules

The Z-Blok system installation procedures described in this guide are based on extensively researched operational data as well as actual field experience that covers thousands of successful projects with well over a million installed modules.

Crucibles by MARS Refractarios y Crisoles


All crucibles, from traditional graphite to silicon carbide, or the most modern Isostatically pressed compaction products – offer the advantage of indirect metal heating, low metal loss and high quality by avoiding direct contact between the melted metal and the combustion products.

Dense and Insulating Concretes by MARS Refractarios y Crisoles

Dense and Insulating Concretes

The dense concrete line -Kaocrete, has been proven to be ideal for many applications that require resistance to corrosion, wear and reducing atmospheres. Our Kaolite insulating concretes provide low thermal conductivity values and superior performance in petrochemical applications. Concretes for special purposes such as Higun, Kao-Tab, offer specific properties with respect to conventional concretes.

Furnace Construction by  MARS Refractarios y Crisoles

Furnace Construction

We have over 35 years of experience in calculating, designing and building furnaces of any kind, from the smallest oven to high-end industrial furnaces.

Firemaster Fire Proof Systems by MARS Refractarios y Crisoles

Firemaster Fire Proof Systems

Thermal Ceramics offers a line of fire-proof products and systems with UL classification, under the commercial brand "FireMaster". These easy to install systems have been designed for a wide range of applications, including air and grease ducts, structural steel, construction joints, penetration seals, on-ground storage tanks, firemen training facilities and plastic pipes.

Monolithics by MARS Refractarios y Crisoles


Think of a Thermal Ceramics Monolithic to solve any refractory problem you have, from corrosion, abrasion, peeling or slag, to reducing atmospheres and high temperatures. The Thermal Ceramics refractors may be installed by molding, plaster or sprayed, and are available in a wide variety of application temperatures, from 871ºC (1600ºF) to 1816ºC (3300ºF).

Processed Fiber Products by MARS Refractarios y Crisoles

Processed Fiber Products

For technically advanced applications, Thermal Ceramics offers specially processed fiber ceramic products, which bulk fibers cleaned and classified according to their size for structural shock, friction and abrasion resistent materials, pre-formed auto-parts and metallic matrix compounds.

Fired Refractory Shapes by MARS Refractarios y Crisoles

Fired Refractory Shapes

The Thermal Ceramics Cerox and Valcor Shapes come in a great variety of compositions to fulfill the most demanding needs for high-temperature applications. They offer an exceptional resistance to reducing atmospheres, thermal shock, corrosion, and abrasion. Cerox is used in chemical processes, such as direct contact with melted metals. Valcor is ideal for applications involving direct contact with melted glass.

Silica Diatomaceous and Vermiculite Products by MARS Refractarios y Crisoles

Silica Diatomaceous and Vermiculite Products

This new line of products includes insulation in the form of blocks, moldable shapes, adhesives, coatings and hot-patching materials. Tr-19 and tr-20 (superex 2000) are industry standards for aluminum electrolytic cell floors insulation.