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About Us

About Us - MARS Refractarios y Crisoles

As providers of insulating refractory materials for high temperatures, we have a great advantage over the industry.

We can provide the most appropriate product or a tailored design according to your needs.

We also have specialists for different industries, who can work with you in solving your insulating problems.

These specialists are assisted by a large staff with a great deal of experience in insulation at high temperatures, who will assist you with the selection of products, system design and insulation techniques.

The company

We are a company with over 35 years of experience, providing efficient engineering solutions for designing and building Refractory Furnaces for high temperatures. Our staff includes highly trained technicians, who can offer you the best customer service and guidance according to your particular needs.


To become an internationally competitive company in manufacturing Refractory Furnaces and in the management of High Temperatures, offering both excellent quality and prices, and giving superb customer service and advisement, surpassing our clients expectations. At the same time, we rely on a group of technicians with the highest international experience, who are capable of giving the best solutions to each of our customer's needs.


To inspire confidence in our clients, when providing them with guidance regarding materials for refractory furnaces in high temperatures.